Reuth's Own Hero - Rosa Strygler, z'l

Reuth's Own Hero - Rosa Strygler, z'l

"You shall live," her father told Rosa at Auschwitz, "Remember what you saw. Tell it to the world".  This is the mission that Rosa Strygler dedicated her life to. 

One of only sixty Jewish children who survived Auschwitz, Rosa Glass arrived in the United States at the age of 19. At the age of twelve, Rosa and her family were forced out from her hometown, Bochnia, Poland, to Auschwitz where her entire immediate family perished.

Rosa wrote a book entitled, "Rosa: A Story of Two Survivals", where she shares her story as a Holocaust survior and the painful choices she was forced to make.

"And so, the last request made by a doomed father of his beloved, frightened, courageous "Little Rosa", has been granted." - Abraham Shulman, Rosa

She married Harry Strygler and together they built a large and successful pearl importing business.  At Reuth we benefitted from Rosas leadership, for over thirty years, in advancing our organizations mission to care for the elderly as well as to provide rehabilitative services to Israelis of all ages.  Rosas fortitude and resilience were inspirational; her warmth, optimism, and enthusiasm contagious. Her loss leaves a great void. 

Click here to read an article about Rosa Strygler in the New York Journal of December 14, 1987.
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