Events in Israel - Yom Hashaoh

Events in Israel - Yom Hashaoh

On April 12, the staff of the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital gathered for a memorial service for Holocaust Martyrs 'and Heroes' Remembrance Day.  This was also the topic of a fascinating lecture by Professor Avi Uri, Director of Academic Instruction in the Rehabilitation Division and Chairman of the Institutional Helsinki Committee on Doctors of the Righteous.

The stories of these courageous doctors, who constitute about 1% of all Righteous Among the Nations, are inspiring. During the darkest period in history, these doctors chose to risk their lives, to show rare resourcefulness and courage. The means of rescue were varied. Dr. Ludwig Lott smuggled drugs into the Warsaw ghetto, and Dr. Czeslaw Werhelowski hid Jews in his home in the hospital where Dr. Aleksandra Majanowska and Dr. Schlapek worked. They were part of the Zegota, an underground organization of Polish resistance in German-occupied Poland, that saved Jewish people by hiding them in their apartments, arranging for hospitalizations, and forging documents.

These and other stories are a symbol of humanity and morality, and we emphasize our commitment to perpetuate the events of the Holocaust and the stories of the survivors, for future generations and for a better future.

Dr. Dov Albukrek, Director of Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital, said: "Here in the hospital we treat quite a lot of patients who are Holocaust survivors and I am proud that these patients are in the best hands. It is a privilege for us to receive them, to improve their lives, and to provide them with professional, warm and humane treatment they deserve. "

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