A journey through time

A journey through time

Reuth celebrates Israel's 70th Independence Day with an exciting journey through time.


Because our story – since Reuth's establishment in 1937, by a group of pioneering women who had fled Nazi Germany on the eve of WWII - is closely interwoven with the story of the State of Israel. We invite all of you to join us, as we look back on all that we have achieved:

57 years have gone by since Reuth established its rehabilitation hospital in Tel Aviv, with no more than 44 beds. Responding to the growing demand, our predecessors soon expanded the hospital's capacity, then built a modern medical campus, ultimately developing one of Israel's leading university-affiliated medical rehabilitation centres'. Today, with over 350 beds and a range of advanced outpatient clinics, the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital provides multi-professional rehabilitation services to a wide range of populations from all over Israel.

The Spirit of Reuth, inspiring each of our extensive activities, is most evident in our holistic approach: we regard our patients, in all states and conditions, as whole human beings, always placing them and their families at the centre of our attention.  Our dedicated staff complements this Spirit with uncompromising excellence and professionalism, and hundreds of volunteers join us every year to help us and our patients.

Today, as Israel celebrates its 70th Independence Day, we are proud to be part of our country's wonderful fabric of medical care. We are proud of decades of ongoing contribution to the rehabilitation of people with illnesses and injuries, throughout the country.


We wish our country and all of its citizens many more years of growth, success and prosperity, and of course good health!


Let us all raise a toast to Israel's next 70 years

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