Reuth UK Garden Parties

Reuth UK Garden Parties

Why not host a garden party for the British Friends of Reuth this summer and help raise funds for the rooftop garden.


Whether you want to show off your baking skills for your friends or just want to have some people round for a tea party, you can raise vital funds for the Roof Garden at the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital, Tel Aviv. 

Host the party in your home, at a friends or in a park and help with the ongoing maintenance and upgrades of this vital facility. This facility is used by 90% of the patients at the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital  as a part of their daily rehabilitation.

It is simple to take part -  just follow these 4 easy steps:


1. Sign up

2. Pick a date between July and end of September

3. Host a party

4. Donate to British Friends of Reuth

For more information, please contact us or call 020 3286 4110 

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