Help renovate the roof garden this Rosh Hashanah

Help renovate the roof garden this Rosh Hashanah

This Rosh Hashanah help us renovate the therapeutic roof garden at the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital. "The garden is an oasis that helps me cope with my problems." Reuth patient.

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Rinat Gabai is an outgoing young woman, whose life changed forever 10 years ago, when she became paralysed following emergency surgery. This young woman struggled daily to keep going after this traumatic event.

It was Reuths gardening therapy programme that introduced her to the joys of growing and nurturing plants and flowers, that helped to give her the drive and purpose to get better.

 At Reuth I learned to focus on my quality of life, says Rinat. At the beginning, I tried stubbornly to regain abilities I had lost. The team at Reuth helped me to accept the way I am now.

- The garden was established in 2001

- The garden is used by 90% of the patients at the hospital as part of their daily treatment

- Occupational therapy and other therapy programmes take place in the garden

After 16 years of intense use which has benefitted thousands of patients, this facility is in need of major renovation. We need your help to reach our goal of raising 100,000.

The garden forms part of the Quality of Life Programmes, which enable patients to reconnect with their identity and help transform their lives.

The Reuth family wishes you and your family a sweet, happy and healthy New Year

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